Posted on May 28, 2007


Loving wordpress now for it is enhancing its features! But i resent it for taking so long to load!!

Lots of work to do but i’m having verbal diarrhea, i have to post…
There are two things that i’m delighted and one thing that i’m not. I finally get to donate some blood-350ml worth of sweet B+! I’ve been waiting for 2 years to donate for the second time and now finally. My faculty had this blood donation drive (that i helped organise-not so much in fact) going on for today and tomorrow. Charity give away is also being done.

Guys are such a Chicken SHIT i tell you! They are so scared of needles!! Can you believe that? Hence the boys decided not to donate blood. Out of ten people i ask, only one will donate! Teddy told me that he is willing to donate his blood if they just knock him unconscious or numb his whole hand before taking his blood! Sigh~

A Medic Prolink student came in today to visit UniBraw, once again i played the nice tour guide. I really hope i get paid for doing this! Or my dad get some sort of incentive. Do i get some too? The very same time, Ivy message me saying that she pass the entrance exams. She will be joining soon, under me. *ngek2* Apparently MPL is bringing in 6 Chinese! YEah! I got more Chinkies for companies! Somewhere at the back of my head i don’t think i got such pleasure to mix around with them. I hope i’m wrong. 4 girls and 2 guys, that is what i heard. Darn, i’m interested! They will be coming in around late July/ early August. For the first entrance exam 40 students have gotten the sit, total of sits open up are 60! This is going to be one Malaysian village coming!

The downside of this is… i don’t feel SPECIAL anymore!! My expiry dead is approaching!