you’re against the world

Posted on May 29, 2007


sometimes you feel just like that! Everything is against you. Your bloody lecturer is a good for nothing person who doesn’t give two-hoots on anything you say or do! He can’t be kick of from the University for he is the only bias lecturer to teach that subject! Best part is, he is so well verse in BI and Jowo!! At times let this i wish i could purchase a gun at the nearest warung (stall) and shoot him in the head!

At the same time you’re having the ‘attention deficit syndrome’, which is not helping! Everyone is super tense with their own personal problems and other conflicts that you just got to be with me, myself and i. I have to admit having those three as the only company, enclose in four walls is not very entertaining! Your family is far away… phone bills are too expensive, no one wants to layan you. Maybe that is why i’ve been sleeping so much… psychologically to get away and go into dreamland where you have conversations with made up characters.

okie… i so don’t like the idea of juniors coming in. I should get that bloody sentence out of my head!!


I heard that this year students from Brunei, Thailand and Singapore are coming here to study too. Interesting =) Once must get irritants emotions and thoughts out of system…

I think i need to go back… but i can’t.  I feel so undeserving… I need to learn to be on my own also right?