Education Style difference of the Universities in Indonesia

Posted on May 31, 2007


This is to those Future Medical Students who wants to choose Brawijaya and Padjadjaran to study medicine.

Universitas Padjadjaran (like you all know) is one of the oldest universities around Indonesia. Like University Indonesia and University Gajah Madah, has long started their International Program for Medicine. They have long time evolve from the old education system of Semester Examination to Block Exams (Russia’s university too; i.e: Moscow). What are the difference you asked… well

Semester Exams are like our country’s (Malaysia) education system, where you will have mid-year exams and year-end exams after studying a few topics over a period of time. In one year you will have 2 semesters, therefore 4 exams a year. Lecturers will prepare lectures in power point and they will teach you from there. Occasionally you will have to do presentation on certain topics, a little like Problem Basic Learning (PBL). So it is like back in Malaysia’s school style exams where the teacher teaches, you learn, and study from books. Semester Exams are known as the old education system, Block system is the latest education system. This old school way, you learn subjects by subjects, topics by topics. For example: In anatomy if you are learning about bones, only bones you will have to know; biochem has a subject, physics, Basic Emergency Medicine and so on.

Block System emphasize on PBL. You learn your lessons by Blocks. Each blocks have a few more topics, ranging from pathophysiology, biochemistry, anatomy, microbiology…etc all intergrated. In this type of education system, if you are learning respiratory system for example you will have to learn and apply every subjects from anatnomy, pathophysiology, biochemistry of the body.. etc. PBL system you will definitely get lots of case studies. After each block have been taught by the lecturers, you will have exams after that.

University: Brawijaya using Semester System
University: GM, Padjadjaran, Airlangga, USU, Padang, Hasannudin are using Block System.

p/s: Block system are much stressful. You have nearly 200 multiple choice questions (MCQ) to answer for a subject. But at least you will get to learn body system integrated form. Learning system by system, you may learn more but it’s kind of hard to put all your knowledge into use during case studies because you are so use to tackle and apply your knowledge one by one instead of integrative.