Posted on June 6, 2007


You wonder why people like the above do the weirdest thing…

1 they are psychotic… probably they hurt their pre-frontal and hypothalamus.
2 they are sexual pervvy people who has no other way to satisfy themselves.

Yesterday after class KS, TK and I were walking towards the nearest shopping mall of all, chatting idly to pass the time, quite aware we were there was this motorist trying to get someone’s attention.
1st attempt: was near the ATM machine he was calling out, “Embak, Embak…” Talking animately we walked on by, because this happens everywhere and every time, it is a run-of-the-mill scene.
2nd attempt: somewhere further down the road side there was this old man looking weirdly at our direction (according to TK). TK turned to look behind seeing the old man and the motorist, TK gave a ‘what’s up with that old man’ kind of look at the motorist.
3rd attempt: A motorist parked a few steps in front of us, we had to walk pass him. Yet again we were still chatting animately but still alert of our surroundings when out of the corner of my eye I saw the Bloody-Bugger showing of his PERPUCE, he was moving his penis like a joystick as we walked pass him. Casually i told them,”oh, that guy who stopped by the roadside is a flasher”.

Terrified you might think we were… we only confirmed with each other what we saw after recollecting our thoughts in the midst of chatting after 5 seconds and burst out laughing hysterically!

Poor guy, he really found the wrong victims to get pleasured. Our expression was most placid, we weren’t the slightest interested. Obviously, we have been starring at cadavers for the pass 3 months and all sorts of anatomical part we have seen, touched, scrutinized, played, molested, caressed and learned. No wonder we were not shock at all, as if it was habitual starring at genitals. However, it is surprising that this incident happened at broad daylight and on one of the busiest road.

So there we were trying to figure out why are there such people? What do they get out from this?
TK was saying most likely it was because Woman have breasts and can show off their cleavage with certain clothes, so there are probably some Men who feels deprive and want to show their’s off too. However there are no clothings that design like so.
KS was telling that back at her hometown there is this guy with an abnormally large penis, which is a type of disease. He couldn’t afford to go for surgery and treatment that he will wait at a bus stop and show people his penis to get money from them.

Women with big boobs are lucky then… they can get extra income by flashing their boobies too and get paid!