Malaysians are Kay Poh lots

Posted on June 6, 2007


KA is one spastic homie of mine who will read blogs like Jeff Ooi, and some other politician blogs to keep up with news in Malaysia. He is the only dude that will go through NST and thestar website faithfully everyday.

This morning he used the class (free) internet at the front of the class where the CPU is connected to the LCD screen. There the screen was screaming in big and bold letters ” ABDULLAH IS MARRYING JEANNE “, ” PM IS MARRYING SISTER-INLAW”. Gosh… the whole class started chattering from every coner! Gossiping from the article that we were reading.

Romantic TK was complaining why can’t he stay faithful to one wife. It should be one man to one woman and they should end their journey together.

NS explained that he must be lonely since his wife is not around anymore. He is still human let him marry again.

Then came the topic… do you support Bigamy/Polygamy?
Most of the girls of that click says yes. Why not if the man is a responsible guy and can take care of both?

The next question now… women should be allowed to do as so as well… Such Fun!