Happy Pills

Posted on June 8, 2007


Happy Pills
anyone wants to trade some Happy Pills for un-stress pills?

Clearly, you know what i’m going through. One more week till every red-evil-pimples starts popping out! I shouldn’t be here right not, but it makes me feel better now.

Drink plenty of water, have sufficient sleep, because it you ain’t getting enough you stress your body and you easily get fat. Really! I learn that from biochem class today.

Long practice Busshish drama i’m not playing in it anymore, because is clashing big time with the Malaysian Drama practice for Dekan Cup. I really feel bad for jilting this people, although i have not a good feeling going for it this Saturday initially. Relieved i manage to find someone to replace me and i don’t have to go. This few days are really hectic! It’s like sitting on a never-ending skyflyer (360 degrees) ride, and you’re soring all over your limb because you’re trying to defy gravity and keeping yourself stable while being toss up in the air like a basket ball!

*toinks* bounce *toinks*