Malang Doeloe

Posted on June 9, 2007


Malang is one small town, with the one and only uptown mall you can have around, it’s kind of like Summit. It’s not everyday, anything exciting happens here, sure you get local artist like Tompi and Glenn Fredly to stop by for concerts or comedians like Empat Mata Wong( who came to give a comedian show in my university and had Rector Yogi as guest star) but students like me can’t enjoy any of these due to a few reasons.

Last month May, there was this Malang Kembali also known as Malang Dulu, was held for 4 nights. One of the most happening thing that ever happened here. There were F&B galores, lots of stalls selling stuff ranging from accessories to pasar malam stuff. The place was filled with colours! There were even people selling old shillings and olden days stuff such as pistols, irons, key-chains…etc. There was this woman who was selling some weird looking massage tool, which is a shape of a ‘sabit’ but it’s end is covered with rubber. She thought me how to use it, as i was using wrongly. Hehehe. I wanted to take pics of her and the stuff she sold but she didn’t want.

Here’s a glimpse through my (drasted) 3.2mega pixel camera… yeah i know i should be thankful… some pics turned our real awful.

Dancers 1 Dancers 2
Dancers 3 Dancers 4
.Traditional Jawa Dance.
funny clockscreative recycled

.butterflies deco’s. the big ones are really expensive RP30k!
look at that triangular wood made clock. see those bottles being sand?

opera woman, javanese versionroadside performers1owl, the other attraction

Look at that woman, that is the Javanese version of Chinese Opera. She’s is 10times worse! She was screeching! I half suspect that she’s no woman but a man! I’ve changed my mind of Chinese Opera after witnessing this!

These percussionist were drumming around with their fingers and this guy was singing Javanese songs. The white owl was put as one of the attraction on the roads, there were even monkeys chained on the neck performing. I didn’t like to see that.

wayang kulitarts 1 arts 2portable public toilet
.wayang kulit.paintings.old building paintings of malang.the portable public toilet.

es Dawetdining 1 dining 2jug
.es dawet shop (yummy, taste a lil like tapai but it’s not, look at the olden days clay cups. Dining style of the olden days in Malang.jug of the days then.

Will show the food pics i had then, the next time =)