The show will go on, despite the kilos..

Posted on June 9, 2007


i’m overweight, fine by me because i’m still healthy and i do not get gastritis plus I’ve a stomach of a steel to keep me from diarrhea. Tomorrow will be the Malaysian Drama by the 2006 batch for the Dekan Cup. We had our full rehearsal today after 3 hours or anatomy refreshing and 3 hours of histology refreshing. Tiredness.

I’m grumpy for needing to take care of what i eat this few days. so hard to shed a few pounds. I’m going to be carried in the air, shoulder high actually for the drama. I pity the boys, for they have to carry as much as 58kg bags of rice! Saw them massaging themselves after the first attempt. It’s not my fault, that they had to carry me, it’s because the director wants it. Some were shaking due to the massive weight and gravity acting on; i was quite scared myself because if they slip i will have a great fall! Hope it will be convincing tomorrow. I hope the stomach will flatten enough to not bulge out!