OMG… so surreal =) Dekan Cup ’07

Posted on June 10, 2007


Today the whole thing went so surreal…
Musical beat of kompang caught everyone’s attention, everyone was cheering and amaze as Puteri Hang Li Poh (PHLP) was hoisted up 5 feet from the ground! Man, these boys really are capable of carrying 58kg bag of rice! As PHLP wave the crowd cheered even more. My knees were about to unbuckle at that time, i hope the crowd didn’t see that i was actually quite scared when i was hoisted in the air. Do you ever get that little electrical shock from your legs as you step down a little too fast from the spinning swing in Genting? Well i did when i came down from my ‘tandu’, chariot. Actually, the crowd couldn’t understand what the narrator was saying, they needed helped from our ever loyal Malaysians to translate, however they could understand the part where PHLP ask of having an affair with Hang Jebat, then did they cheered ever more! I say, this people really love controversy. The epic of the show was when Puteri Gunung Ledang and the Dayangs did the ‘Asmaradana’ dance. This girls have been copying the dance steps from the movies itself and did a little bit of modification here and there. Voila! The crowd was once more stunned! There’s no show like ours! I feel so proud of what we all did!

– they love us, they really really love us~ hah, drama queen~!

Today things got dramatic…
Hiah~ the food bazaar finish real early! The Malaysians cooked Nasi Briyani (from the boys of ’04) and the K.D. cooked our very own Malaysian speciality, Nasi Lemak! Before it reached noon all the food were already sold out. Being the younger batch and having to prepare for the show we definitely didn’t get to buy some. I couldn’t anyway, because i had to not eat properly for like 2 days in order to get a rather small stomach which was still bulging a little in the end… sigh!

Before the it was time for us to practise, we had a big problem! Beta was crying! She the macho one was bursting into tears, alarming nearly everyone, cause we didn’t know what happened the night before after full rehearsal. Seniors that agreed to helping us play the kompang live JILTED us the very last minute! Out of childish and petty reasons! Sometimes you just want to knock them in their head to see what is going on in that piffy hypothalamus of theirs for being so emo! Being a director is not easy, especially when you need to take care of the crew as many as 34 people. Voices and intonations being raise to get everyone’s attention. These people were sulking at that the fact that they were being shouted at a little. Gosh, i really wish they had bigger eyes and smaller feet to put themselves in Beta’s shoes to see what is it like to be a director. They definitely would have done the same thing. Hence these people, caused so much troubles, worries and danger to some of the girls who had to go out late at night to the CC, to search for the Kompang song. I salute them for being so persistent. I would have just given up and do without the music. I’m such a terrible worker. Those two gals succeeded, thankfully. And all obstacle were overcome, when it the show blast everyone off their feet!

There were some who didn’t come to support us even after sulking overnight.

Today i flashed in public!
I don’t know whether it happened or not but one of my friends said she saw the wind blowing the dress a little too much for 2 seconds during my last scene! *hope nobody remembers seeing a flash or whiteness*

Today i swoon at POTC3…
Watching the other performance done by the other batches and from the nurses and nutritionist as well. If you think people who studies medicine are pretty boring, well you are wrong. This people really got ideas and creativity. I love the performance by 2003! They hit the jackpot once more (last year they won best performance too!) as they performed their very own musical play. Lots of Indonesia Hits and English Hits were use to describe the meaning of their act. They themselves are pretty good stage performers. I have to hand it especially to the guy who acted as a first class nerd who turned real dashing after being transformed by his fairy godmother. In reality he is not bad looking guy himself to turn into some other person who is a total contra of him just by having really messy mop hair, a large mole on the cheek and an old man spec on the nose.

After that, i couldn’t wait i had to go to POTC 3!

~being hoisted in the air was really Fun! i wish i can do that again, hehehehe. Feels Surreal!~