Pirates of The Caribbean 3

Posted on June 10, 2007


At World’s End… Definitely! When you see Johnny Depp swaggering walk and his most mumbo-jumbo way of talking and his wittiness. A show to watch for! Lots of action going on, from a pirate to the next swaying from one ship the next. the quirky and sarcastic lines of the actors! Chow Yun Fatt acting most evil when doing business.

I think  the ending was kind of sad. The newly wed pirates had to be apart, they only can meet every 10 year but only have one day on shore. Saddening! Seeing Jack Sparrow being robbed from his boat and crew, leaving him with none but Smith and his sharp wits that garnered him the well-mapped out sea chart and a compass that points to where your hearts wants, leaves me wanting for more! I hope they will have POTC 4 : Fountain of Youth! So this time Jack Sparrow gets his wish for living eternally and escaping death.

This is better than the sequal: Dead’s Man Chest. I don’t like the story hanging halfway. That was one annoying part to see Kraken taking a full mouth of the Ship and Jack with it.

2 and a Half Hour of full suspends, anticipation with Full Adrenalin rush is worth it!