little misses…

Posted on June 17, 2007


Exams are starting tomorrow, it’s going to be 2 mental weeks of torture and pimples outbreak. My perseverance of not going online only lasted 4 days, i have to update my anti-virus and do some lecture slides reading.

Nostalgia has been hitting me through olfactory receptors…
just the other day, i smelt the scent of how a kitchen should smell like! The aroma coming from the kitchen of my Kos caretaker brought me back to the time when my granma and mom will do lots of cooking in the kitchen. The scent of belacan is tantalizing me gustatory! It also brought back memories of my stay at my Ibu Asuh’s house at SoeHart. Early morning her maids will cooked for us, by the time we woke up and gotten ready, food will be on the table. It got me thinking, how small things can make you forlorn at times. I’m trading 7 years of my life growing up abroad, missing the tiniest, littlest and smallest happenings of my daily home life for education. It better be worth it.

Today is the Father’s Day! Do you know that Indonesians don’t celebrate Father’s day? Man are so not popular here i tell you when they reach fatherhood =p This is the first country i got to know of that celebrates Mother’s Day on December. Weird, for not following the international day. Here i am getting a little nostalgic, thinking how nice it is to be at home now spending Sundays there. Where i will absolutely wake up really late and before noon Family will head of for Dim Sum and some groceries shopping at the usual favourite hypermarket. Sundays are Lazy days!