sleep, stress, musique

Posted on June 20, 2007


OBviously, someone needs some sleep badly o_O!

Today’s paper was an early one, manage to come back before noon like yesterday. How i manage to keep my sepet-ed eyes open and not falling out during exam is a great feat, because immediately after i’m done with the paper my lover lids feels heavy and swollen, as if it will fall off it i tilt forward some more. Was Chatting with Tyler for awhile, this remarkable lass manage to find her a way to put her ass in SEA! Didn’t get to much, distance and absence really does kills a lot of things- relationship and common factor.

I’ve calm down. I was napping a few minutes ago, it was a deep few hours slumber when i find my self jolting out of sleep from fear! The effect felt like some one was beckoning you to get up by the gesture of the hand in the air pulling your soul from body to wake up. I thought i have slept through the whole day and it is already 7am here! Had a moment of confusion when i saw the evening cloudy weather like the morning sunlight. Got me pretty freak out!

Stress is when physiology and psychology are imbalance, so what do you do to tip it back neutral, 180 degrees angle? Sing out loud to your Favourite HitZ playing on the radio.

Listen to:
Elliot Yamin- Wait for you
he was one of the American Idol participant but i don’t know from which season- no tv, no update = Orang Ulu
but he is so to drown for, when you hear that clear voice heating the ballad notes.

Lee Harding – Anything for you
– Wasabi
this dude is another idol but from Aussie mate! He is want punker who songs are like the blending of Good Charlotte and Fall out Boys. His lyrics are something to read- amusing. I like the latter song best, upbeat and happy =)

Dean Geyer- If you Don’t Mean it
Aussie have very good idols! Why don’ they play the show for Malaysian viewing and listening pleasure? He reminds me of singer from ALex of The Calling, He’s kind of like Ryan Cabrrera only less sappy and a little more rock!

Other than the fact this 3 people are idols from different countries, they have very different image display from the conjuration of mind . They look very different. Especially Elliot Yamin! Who i just found out who is he… the weird dude who’s seem a little out of place in that don’t know which season where there was Katherine McPhee and Soul-Patrol man. Geyer is so darn young! Or is it just the fact i’m getting older now… adolescent taste of music seem to be not my standard anymore (soon). I’m getting older, singer celebs are getting younger, i can’t drool on them! Aigh~ age!