Bridge of Terabithia

Posted on June 21, 2007


This is a movie that came out on International screens on February 2007, couldn’t watch it until now as it wasn’t screening in this small city. The movie is based on the novel written by Katherine Paterson, a children’s literature.

From the trailer you know this is those sort of movies that are like ‘Neverending Story’, ‘Grimly Brothers’ and et cetera of those sorts, hurrah for me! I like fiction stories, especially like those, it’s one of those movies i categorize as “Childhood Movie”! The story is a merge of Fantasy, neverending story like movie and those of “Simon” and “My Girl”. There’s a message in this movie.

Plot revolves around the friendship of Jesse Aaron and Leslie Burke who are two a kind friend who are loners and don’t fit with their peers. Being neighbors they will hang out in their own place, own kingdom, Terabithia! There are the King of Queens there and they are the fastest creature there. The kingdom is filled with magical creatures and forest where they will face their greatest fear there from reality. The story builds on how their imagination, friendship blossom and shape their life, unfortunately, Leslie died in the end. Jesse went out with his music teacher that he has a crush on and didn’t invite Leslie, leaving her to cross the creek alone.

Too over grieve for losing such a good friend, with the courage and strength, he started to build a sturdy bridge from the planks left behind by the Burke family so that this incident won’t happen again. Once he finished setting up the bridge he invited his sister May Belle to Terabithia and be the queen for the kingdom.

Sad and touching moments were the boy’s expression when he was told that his good friend drown, the disbelieving of reality made him indulge in his own world hoping to see Leslie there. All of those cease, when his father reached out to him to talk some sense into him and advise him.

Both kid actor/actress are very good! The girl who played Leslie reminds me of Dakota Fanning, only this girl is more beautiful, looking at her face you think she is an adolescent in a kid’s body. The boy is one of those who can carry out movie roles that portray him as a youngster who suffers from disparity of life.