25th June

Posted on June 26, 2007


This goes to the 25th June BabIES!!! HAPPY BirthDAy!

to Puteri Gunung Ledang@PGL, it’s somewhat a sad day to celebrate considering we still have exams, it’s normal. I’ve been having exams on my birthday nearly my whole life! Well we’ll celebrate after it all ends =)

Liz! Finally i can remember you birthday, because of friendster =p hahaha. She’s growing up *tears* Loads of fun to you k!


I’m listening to some utterly depressing songs from the radio. What made this artist modify such nice and upbeat tune to some utterly sad, depressing and draggy tune, that actually sounds as if they got their in genius idea from the sitcome FRIENDS, the song “Smelly Cat”! Gosh can you imagine the song My Humps from BEP in that beat?!! It’s totally dead and boring. They even turn one of my favourite lyrics and listening from Meredith Brooke “I’m a Bitch” in to something sounds like will be sung from a down-strung hippy! I really want to vandalise that Alannis Morissette for ruining the My Humps song.