Washing Closet and Mane woes

Posted on June 26, 2007


Who likes bathing? I’m a goat who refrains from icy cold water, which is nearly every day now for the next 6 months. The weather here changed, it’s getting very chilly like the first time I came. I relish long bath from head to toe that includes scrubbing! Darn cheap getting micro scrubs to exfoliate dead skin cells! The products manufactures here are mostly NATURAL! Skin feels smoother and supple now =)

Oh dear, I accidentally flushed one part of my socks in to the toilet bowl! I’m not worrying about the missing socks now, it’s the toilet that worries me =( I hope it won’t start vomiting it’s gut out, especially vomiting after I’ve done my big business!

Gross! But I’ve experience it in Jatinangor… FLOODING K!!! *faints* I’m not sure how I managed. One more bomb to detonate, it’s a complicated one! Wish me Luck! I need money please bank to me! I’ve not paid the rent and I was given a notice two days ago.


It’s it natural to have so much hair droppings after one hair wash? This is only part of it… during washing I lost more from my head. I’m going to be bald by the end of 6 years. I kid you not, there was this Chinese senior in UnPad who was balding! You can actually see his hair thinning big time. Stress is one factor the other is water quality….

See this…



dirty right?… sigh~

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