Posted on June 28, 2007


This is where i’ve waited long time to CHOMP out to yesterday…


IKANA, Jalan Galunggung, 25, Malang
Man, they serve one massive portion of food! A little bit of seafood and the price is so affordable for a big group! Chellum has been promising me to bring me after he was raving all about it but then he FFK me… so i went with the Girls! Thankfully Coffeemate knew how to go there =))


looks like a cafeteria, that’s where the kitchen and where the counter is
The food portion like i said is big! One plate of Fried Rice can be shared by 2 =)


Take a look at the menu…
a little limited, but this is the best it can offer in most places i eat at.
Yeah, this is the chinese restaurant run by locals, therefore HALAL!!

I’m a Aminah here… i don’t take pork. I’m a little Letchumy… i don’t think much beef.


This is HOW BIG IT IS!
(left)Udang Goreng Kering serve with that artificial coloured red sauce way behind the food if you can see; (right) Nasi Goreng Seafood and (middle) Nasi Goreng Yang Cho
Udang Goreng is really good and big, cost RP 30k! NasGor Seafood cost RP 24k, i don’t really like it because they serve so much rice and there’s s little ingredients as in the condiments of it; prawns and pineapple in it. NasGor Yang Cho cost RP 24k I likeee… Got lots of ingredients in it! Aplenty of vegetables and chicken. Taste is there la.. better than most places i’ve been.

As you can see Nasi goreng dominates the menu. Yeah, Indonesia really loves fried rice! Everywhere you go, lots of stalls you can see them selling fried rice. Don’t believe read KennySia

‘s trip to Jakarta and Bandung.

Truthfully, so far the best fried rice i’ve tasted in Indonesia was the time i was in Surabaya for the CIMSA’s May Meeting. I don’t go around trying NasGor, i rarely eat those, it jsut so happens that i was pigging on my friend’s Fried Rice.


Hot Plate Tahu
It’s not so hot, it’s SWEET and STARCHY!! People here can’t make good proper gravy, it’s always starchy and really gooey glistening glob (GGG). Kiap Siap with sauce or they really love their corn flour.

5 girls CHOMP off RP 80k! So worth it! It’s been a long time since i’ve sit on a table and other dishes and share! Such a homely feel! I came back with a hard plateau abdominal. Bliss*

Rating: 2 thumbs up!