Layout and Cake

Posted on July 1, 2007


Now is JULY!! Yippe I guess!!

I made batik cake again, this time for Alia’s belated birthday present. She made me jelly this year in a big container, obviously with some gone, because my classmates were gulping my jelly. Greedy LOt!! Coincidently, she told me her favourite cake is BATIK CAKE! I made extra this time, because Priya wanted to try my first attempt of the cake but it was meant for Cayam and Coffeemate, i didn’t have enough to go around. The main thing is… EVERYONE love it !! I’m so Happy!

Frankly this is my 2nd attempt. The eat-cake, first attempt was too wet, this time it is just alright but i was worried it was too dry. Again the cake could not be cut out! Had to Scoop it by using spoon. Failure in that!

Sexy Eyes is asking me for the recipe. But i don’t feel like giving… I want to be the only person who can make it =) Let me make it for people or PAy me i’ll make it for you =P It’s not that i don’t like her… i treasure the recipe! It’s a family recipe la.. heehhhe. Thanks to Jea!

I did modify the recipe =) i put in cheese and cocoa powder. PurpleBerry is a very good mixer, she helped me! Sigh~ is so nice to have a kitchen helper =)

How do you like my New LAyout? I Love it! I like the background black. Pleasing to my eyes. ok toodles, got to hit the book for anat-histo remedials.