Posted on July 11, 2007


I manage to return from Desa Sukolilo, Wajar safe and sound, unbathe for 3 days, delirious, had a fun-filled experience and back to the city!

I had a 3D 2N Social Work program which is a compulsory for the new students, called PENMAS, which is Pengabdian Masyarakat. It was on the 7th until 9th of July.

We were practically jumping for joy and shouting like hooligans when we got back! Never-again (perhaps) will we complain of the cold in Malang! The rural area i went to is much colder than Malang for it is nearer to the mountains. Afternoon will be bbq hot, night time will be freezing cold! I was chided by a friend that i would not be able to survive Russia’s brutal weather if i can’t take the chill there. So he suggested that i should put up a night in Mt. Bromo to adapt to the chill! No way! I was fighting for oxygen during the quiet nights due to phlegm congesting my nasal-oro- phayrnx airways. Was wheezing a little but all was good and still is. My nose can’t take the transition from hot to cold and the dusty sandy air, it irritates my nose, making me secrete all the mucus!

Although lots of things we have been told about the were pretty not-so-great we brave it all! I’m a very pessimist human so i really expected the worst, even though my friends who have been surveying the place told me countless time that it will be fine for us to stay there, hassle free. So a day before i bought just enough or rations of buns and biscuits to last for 3D and 2 bottles of mineral water. A few of us had planned to eat minimum and drink minimum so that we will excrete minimum, being afraid that the toilets were not clean and hygenic enough. You never know what sort of genital contanimation you will get from pissing somewhere,esp for girls.

okie so here is what happened on DAY 1:

We took the Military Truck driven by the well skilled Military driver to the place which took nearly 2 hours. No pics… will find one if can. Pretty Cool! When we reach there our faces were black, not really literally but it was really black with dirt and all other pollutions when i wipe mine. I came back with a few nice zits myself after it took so long to clear up!! %#$^&$

Sourroundins of Rural
The Whole place looks more or less like this before reaching the housing area.

Well lots of plantation around from Paddy field, Corn field and…

Sugar Cane Field
… sugar cane field.

Wisma in Bahasa Indonesia means House.

Chief of the village manage to persuade and find 15 houses for us to use in Desa Sukolilo. At first many were reluctant because they were sungkan (bahasa jawa), shy to offer shelter to us, afraid that their place will not be good enough for us.

Pic of the front if Wisma
The front view taken from the Wisma.

Lunch on D1
Simple fried food for lunch: sambal (nyum), Gorengan Jagung, Fried Tempe and Sup Asam Sayur

After Lunch, we had Bina Keluarga first. Where we are assign to a family and do some health inspection and census. It was quite interesting on our findings. Some of the houses water resource comes from a well which has small fishes, perhaps guppies to eat the mosquito larvas. It really give us second thoughts on bathing or using the water to wash up even. Most of the interaction was done by the Indonesian kids who can speak Bahasa Jawa. We Malaysians are most handicap!

Penyuluhan means giving health talk to educate a group of people.

Penyuluhan Lansia.
Penyuluhan to the Lansia, short for Lanjut Usia, meaning old people, on osteoporosis and prevention and exercise.
Penyuluhan Ibu-Ibu
Penyuluhan to the mothers on how to take care of their hygene and baby.

Meeting among the youth sportmans
After Dinner, there was another Penyuluhan for the Youths and Men on HIV. But before that, they had their football meetings and food spread on the tikar (mat) to have dinner together-gether .

serving foodCheap but delicious

There was tahu and taugeh, crunchy tempe and fried chilly potato.

eating together
Makan bersama-sama Yuk! Eating together.

Penyuluhan Remaja and Bapak
After dinner at the football field, the penyuluhan for youth and Men started on HIV.

The youth were rather mischievous, they always talk with lots of insinuation.

Story on Day 2 and Day 3 later.