“Second to the right, and straight on till morning.”

Posted on July 12, 2007


What cartoons movies did you watch when growing up? Mine was definitely Disney! Disney came out with so many interesting, colourful, and songful filled cartoons, unlike now… the cartoons that they do are somehow missing that fantasy filled feeling, not magical or wondrous anymore.

I grew up watching the Disney princesses: Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty; Jack and The Beanstalk; Lady and The Tramp; Mary Poppins; and my all time favourite Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast. ( Lion King, Mulan, Lilo and Stitch came out after I grew out of that phase… it was more to my brother’s Disney time)

Back then (still do now) I will dream of not growing up and go to a place called Neverland with a mischievious and boisterous lad called Peter Pan and his little fairy, Tinker Bell!

I love the idea of thinking “Happy Thoughts” and springkle some “Pixie Dust” from Tinkerbell and off we go flying in the hair! Free as a bird going round London skies in the mid of night.
Think the Mean
Flying around Big Ben

Wouldn’t it be nice not growing up, and forever be a kid? Being happy, ridiculous and playing is all we have to do =) No worries, no need to bother of issues that is s complicating as you grow up. Being young and carefree forever! I like that! Hence, that is why i like the movie. Everyday is like an adventure! Daily dealings with Captain Hook, sparring with him; sleeping on clouds; playing with the lost boys and occasionally picking a few kids from the real world (like Wendy, John and the Michael) and bring them to NeverLand for an experience; going for a swim with oh-so-snobbish mermaids and smoking pipes with the Red Indian Chief and his beautiful daughter, Tiger Lily.

Being rowdy and playing in the sun all day, bask in moonlight! I want to look for the Brightest Star in the midnight skies!


second to the right, and straight on till morning

Ever read the full story pf Peter Pan? Click here to read, but i got to see, the story is really long, there is a total of 17 chapters to read. Have the patience. I didn’t realise the true story until this…




Map of ‘Neverland’


They can Fly


i fly toO! with Air Asia not pixie dust.


Peter and the Lost Boys


Peter Pan, the band


they sing


they got 3 albums

Celcom recently roped in one of Indonesia’s top bands, Peterpan, to join its illustrious stable known as Power Icon. Celcom already have football stars ike Steven Gerrard and Ryan Giggs, Taiwan superstar Wang Lee Hom and acclaimed local actress Maya Karin. Who else will be next?
Peterpan hit it BIG with Bintang Di Syurga, which sold a record-breaking 2.7 million units in Indonesia. Now, with the release of their new album almost three years later, Hari Yang Cerah. Their single ‘Menghapus Jejak mu’ rocks my socks.

If you ever listen to their songs, you will notice the lyrics written are meaningful and Ariel has one lazy singer voice that brought the group to fame besides they are good musicians.

HOLLY CRAP! I’m in NeverLand myself!

Map of NeverLand