Posted on July 12, 2007


I realise something…

I ‘m feeling dowdy and my dressing sense is immature… >.< and that is because i’m told for the countless time that i don’t look mature. I still have that oh-so-cute baby face. HumBug!

It’s the truth but rather irritating to me a little. Arrgh!

Persimmons are not sold at the smelly Pasar Besar anymore! I’m hamPeH… dissapointed. Should have remembered to keep the ones i bought before going for PenMas, now it is all rotten. Darn it!

One more thing i just realised… i have missed this year French Musical Festival!! *Bangs HEaD* Now all i have is the memories of the yesteryear i had with LimBei, 261, Pau and Rachie!!

Gawd!! I miss hanging out with them. I pray that Malang will be more upbeat soon. Even Jatinangor is so much more better with the two new mall they have : Plaza Padjadjaran and Jatos.