Interesting fact and idea…

Posted on July 14, 2007


… from subjects you least expected…

Age and Women

i love this subject also known as Soskes because i was the coordinator of it ;p

just joking! It’s because it’s very interestingly unique… let tell thee some interesting facts:

Do you know that even though females are physically 2 years older than their counter part of the same age?

So I’ve done my Math, women should get husbands that are 4 years to them in order to have a husband who is 2 years older
to them!


This because i think marrying to a man who is of same age, younger or 2 years older is not going to be a compliment to the woman when she starts to age! Women age faster than man due to lack of estrogen production leading to menopause. To age gracefully and not so drastically, women should marry to guys who are 4 years older or more! So that married women can look younger than their husbands!

Women in Indonesia are all very pretty, youthful, small and petite! However, after marriage especially after pregnancy there is a 180 degrees turn! They start to balloon up, unhealthily overweight and looking so much older than their spouses! One other factor of their drasctic aging is because they do not take good care after themselves after they get hook up and tied down with marriage. It’s a sad to see that their life is just like that.

I was having a brief chat with Fadz&Furious awhile ago about the ideal age a woman’s husband should be and according to her Ustaz a woman of the same age as the man born in the same year as her is actually 5 years physically older than the man himself. So she wants to find someone who is 10 years older to her. That is a big age gap!