American Idol 6

Posted on July 18, 2007


Ever heard of Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis?

They are my favourite idols to listen now. I’ve been hearing on the radio of another rendition of Bon Jovi’s You give love aad Name … by i don’t know who. Took me quite long to find out. So Blake Lewis really sounds more or less like Bon Jovi throughout the singing for me, but what caught my fancy was the beatboxing at the ending of it! Creative! Gives it a new flavour! Usually you hear beatbox on songs like R&B and Hip-Hop, so this is rather refreshing for me.

During my last hols i manage to catch that dude’s audition. Thinking he is quite a show-off commoner for confessing that he was a beatbox champion to the judges and his rendition on Seal’s ‘Crazy’ didn’t catch my fancy, but he got in! Perhaps the beatbox gave him an edge. Since i didn’t watch the whole American Idol series this time, i can only guess that he grow throughout the practice and performance.

Songs i downloaded and think he is good :

1. All mixed up
2. You give love a bad name
3. I ain’t missing you
4. Time of the Season
5. This is my now
6. Beatboxing with Doug E. Fresh

I didn’t like his rendition of ‘Somewhere only we know’ of Keane, depresses me.

Jordin Sparks the youngest winner in American Idol history. She doesn’t look her age man. Her pick of songs to songs are weird, that’s probably why she can sing many genre. Has a very soulful, loud and clear voice. Vocals to touch you.

This are the downloads like”

1. Broken Wing
2. Hey Baby -imagine her taking a song of No Doubt! She somehow manage to twist it around and make it her own. She’s no Gwen, no gruff, spunky edgy voice, she changed it into something clear and good girl rendition.

3. I (who have nothing)
4. This is my now

Yes the song This is My Now suited her better than Blake, her power vocal cords rock the whole thing! The song is stuck in the head easily.

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