Posted on July 18, 2007


This subject is never easy to study or understand for me (and many) because i can’t envisage the theories to be applicable although physics exist with us 24/7 in our life, not forgetting that to understand this subject you need a good teacher to guide you to ultimate enlightenment of it.

The lecturer looks like this

the annoying thing

He may look like a docile old man, whose sentence always starts with ‘LHO’.

He teaches in two languages, definitely is not the lingua franca… *

Some call him schizophrenic… **

Some of us just wish this happens him… Rocket crash

(*)He doesn’t understand us, neither do we understand him much
as hard we try.

He drives our Blood Pressure up the Higher Center… that it ruins your Brocca.

(**) I call him a Nazi in disguise

Nazi indisguise

He torture us senseless
or for me, until every sentence i utter becomes like word salad.

He put electrodes in everyone’s brain to electrocute them if we can’t answer his (unclear) questions.
He will push and push us until we go dumb and give in to him.
He loves to play the innocent victim, as if we cause him to be like that.

He could just give us a C grade automatically without much fuss!

He’s dictation is mind boggling and ear paining. He waste lots of time drilling us to answer question we can’t answer and blame us for being handicap in language or not trying.

a (song) dedication (to) Move It – from the Madagascar OST.
Madagascar This is US students in terror!!

2 weeks more until we see the last of this Nazi! I pray that we all don’t have to meet him again!!

“lho, anak2 ini g bs jwb soal. Gmana nih kalo mw lulus?”

” lho, km. Ya kamu! Mbak/Mas yg baca ni… gmana sih mw jadi dok kalo g bs fisika?!”