Cicak Pose

Posted on July 19, 2007


crazy katak
We waited for that Annoying Thing for 2 hours! This forgetful old man was late… we decided all to leave.

some of us hung out around the campus to get some work done… we plan to play hide and seek with him if we spot him around.

Cicak freeze pose I was preparing to strike this Cicak pose on the wall if he i see him passing by me.

Yet in the end, we were caught and pulled back to enter class for an hour or shall i say torture session. No excuse still… this man was LATE!!

No Doubt- Cool

is playing in my head…
every agreeable acknowledgment is told with a “cool”
so where is it going to head?
Verbal Diarrhea… cool nice

To my Class mate of 2 years… who i’ve seen to be the most patient person when dealing with responsibilities; the one who is ever so consistence in studies…

Happy Birthday gir, dear Atiroh!! We should have our STeamBoaT soon k =)