Nosy Jane arrested early in the morning

Posted on July 20, 2007


0445 blur and should have return to sleep

waking up in the middle of your sleep in some ungodly hour is fine for certainly many things, eg: studies and certainly for not many things too…

they say… ” knowledge is power, never underestimate that”.
there’s also a saying…” too much food on the plate to chew on” and “ignorant is bliss”.

You know sometimes you could go quite overboard for just being nice and cool until you realise you have just dig 6 inches deep into a hole ( if the hole was big enough i wouldn’t be worrying… cos i’ll be burying myself now). The hole is there but not big enough to bury something. So how to fill the hole now?!?


0530 call and cardiac arrest

how can a person leaving a country does not know that they need their PASSPORT!!!

I’ll most likely cry, faint and cry again!