Peter Pan Concert

Posted on July 30, 2007


Went to Peter Pan
Concert on the 25/07/07
They were touring to 20 cities and Malang was the 7th or 8th one! YEAH!!

Very memorable day indeed… *sarcasm*

Took me so long to buy the tickets! WAs really hype about it when i saw the poster pasted along the roads and the ticket is so cheap! RP 15K~ like watching a movie!

Before the concert starts
Before the concert starts… well it’s pretty simple concert- a standing one. What do you expect for a cheap one.

When it starts
When it starts…

THe lightings are quite cool! THey belted their old hits and their new ones! I’m more familiar with their old ones though… so far i heard 2 new single but i like best is “menghapus jejak mu”.

Helmet guy
Who wears helmet to a concert?? There was a few people doing that…

It wasn’t a good decision for doing that because they sprayed water at us, crowds! It all went wet and wild!! When the music rock on people were dancing as if they were in trance or ecstasy! They were pushing and touching and pushing! It was already pack like sardine and they had to do this.

Cute basist
one of the cuter basist.. there’s was the other one in red bandana but was so hard to get a shot of him.

He’s one of the newer member to join Peter Pan.

Ariel lead singer
Lead singer- Ariel

His cool! Sand at the top of his lungs. Pleasant artist who keep giving us more! Awesome!

Crazy crowds
Mad crowds

they started to take off their shirt cos we were soaking from the water. They ask for more water! GAWD!! Don’t know how clean the water they use is! Arrgh!

The crowd of people.. you can see all sort of people. They are those couples, those giggling high girls, the Malaysians and some junkies who think they are cool and the little people who are so irritating and rude. The little people are very conniving! Love to kick their ass!! Hate ’em for usha-usha-ing the gals!

Blue lighting

Concert suppose to start at 7pm! When it was 6.30pm the place were already pack with people! Free L.A. Ciggies were given to each ticket holder, L.A. is the main company who is supporting the concert. The concert started one an a half hour later! GOSH! ended at 10pm. Walking back was really scary, we manage to get a cab back safely!

2nd concert in Indonesia… but i prefer the concert with Glenn Fredly and Sandra… =)