I’m homebound

Posted on August 4, 2007


Too many happenings…
weary to type ’em down.

Make some wrong moves…
hell, it was something to know and learn from.

Form and forge friendships
which is promising ❤

Meeting and making new friends…
lost some potential good friends.

Hanging out with someone older…
will be missing her dearly, soon…

growing older, having self doubts…
where art thou ‘guidance’?

had tormenting times with the Crazy Frog
Please, dear god! Allow me to pass the 2 credit hours…
i don’t want to see that Nazi again!

lookingat the sun and sky
reminiscing and picturing the future comings


A year have pass
we’ve made it thru the
..scorching sun..
..terrible storms..
..smokey mountains..
yet we have done it all.

Goodbye to 1st year
Hello to 2nd year
“how will it be in the coming time?”

I’ve done what i can
it may not be my best
but it is sure ain’t my worst

I’m homebound!
To where i belong
To those that knows me long
To the ones who gives me ‘guidance’.

I’ll be there with you all for 3 weeks!
For you all here i come
I’m homebound!

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