Posted on August 15, 2007


Surabaya’s airport( bandara, in Bahasa Indonesia) one of the biggest and most expensive place to eat or even purchase stuff.

Roti Boy
First time, i saw Roti Boy! Got me salivating, cost Rp6K!! Imagine that is so cheap!! until i went to Parade the other day and they were selling or RM1.50 a bun. I felt cheated! It’s twice the price man! Not going to have Roti Boy there no more!

Black Canyon Coffee

Being the Jakun as i am, i was surprise to see Black Canyon Coffee there!

Better eat there than the other eateries around, because the price is as expensive as BCC! I spent RP30K ++ for some (local) Soto Daging Special! Bummer!! REal Bummer!

Air Asia counter
The one mafan-ness ( fuss) of the airport is that you are suppose to check in at the domestic section but you have to walk to the other end to the International section, just to get your ticket printed at the AirAsia counter there. sigh~

View from the Sky
Got to ride the AIRBUS!! Ok, nothing cool about it other than it’s slightly bigger and it’s newer and cleaner… nia. Nice view from above huh =)

It has been a good one week and 3 days!

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