August hols 4th-26th

Posted on August 24, 2007


record playing
let’s play a record of recent happenings…

puffing 2 packs of LA lights cigarettes were given out.
one to the no stock Didi, the other for the newbies who wanted to try out.

“what’s ya flava”?
Satisfied your curiosity yet?

summer holidays

This holidays is most likely the last time i’ll get to meet up with most of my high school mates. Quite a number of them won’t be around anymore for me ask them out when i’ve my coming holidays back here.

Jenny- off he went to The States to pursue his dream in
Actuarial Science, on grant. Had a nice time with
him at Asia Cafe! Thanks for the tips ๐Ÿ˜‰ All the best
Dude! See ya, in 2 years time!

Hijaz- Big man, all the best on becoming a pilot! May you be ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  safe always! Hope Langkawi is great to study at =)

Rachie- Gal, i won’t be seeing you next year, so fast!
Couldn’t meet you once more except on yum cha
session. All the Best you in Perth k… May you be
Bless with good health!

Pau- Taking lots of pics with you and 261 is great! Should do that more often? Will get the
photos done up later on… =Pย  So i won’t be seeing you for a year and a half right?
Well, do your best there and be more independent there k? Don’t let all the ‘shark
fins’, ‘abalone’, ‘oysters’.. etc go so easily!!! Enjoy your remaining days here yo!

Cit- Fiery one all the best in London School of Economics or studying Law in the canton
world! Whatever you choose, you will definitely do great in it! Bon Voyage! Have lots
of fun! Nice seeing you again after so long!

Ongkie- Going nearly everywhere, leaving your mark here and there. Today’s short
snippets on your life’s planning and education have made me look up on you
even more! Respect! See you at the finishing line: succession

Li- Going Jappie, won’t be back for the next couple of years huh… going to miss you lo!
Lots ofย  support with your choices in life aight! Hope i’ll be kept posted! Enjoy your hols
here, welcome back!

This time round i went out the most with friends than stayed back at home, and not a boring one ๐Ÿ˜‰

back to University2 more days to go and YEAR TWO HERE I COME!!ย 

Can’t wait! i”m gear up to study better this time…. ‘VRRrrOOooM’!