Delightfully Plump

Posted on August 28, 2007


Alright! I hereby, state i’m delightfully plump!

Ever since i got back, everyone has been telling me “oh you look diff!!” I asked: ” oh yeah? how so?”

“Well, you’re rounder.”

Arema Boy from the corridor of class, “M, kamu kelihatan…*shows with hands that my stomach is bigger*”! Laughing all the way.

Albert in class… *thinking who is this new gal…*
” M, km tambah gemuk la!!! Gak bisa mengenal km lagi!”

(mean cats… yalah.. yalah… not that bad right!!)

Arema Boy over lunch was saying to a few friends of ours, “All of you are like well fattened cows, ready to be butchered! Nice an juicy!”

Kurang Ajar punyer budak!

I ok i’m tubbier than before, fat= prosperity= happy 🙂

Fine, i’ll be losing some weight again then. The weight has been yo-yoing a for a few years.


i need to do some of this… but i’m awfully easily hungrrryy… here! Grr… all because of the chilly weather!