Posted on August 31, 2007


Berita terbaru yang tergempar untuk bulan ini!

Have you read about the news in TheStar about an Anti-Malaysia protest after referee assault PM Abdullah not going to appologise Indonesia because a Indonesian nationality, who is a karate instructor got beat up by Malaysia’s Police! News are all over in the local news paper here too!

Met one of the local chinese resident here who said the Karate instructor went out to get food but 4 policemen came out from a car and beat up the man, and told him they were the police.

The questions are…
– the 4 ‘policemen’ may not be actual policemen after all.
– the victim probably lied
– the policemen did it! (but for what reasons?)

Malaysia is definitely not going to applogise to Indonesia about this matter without inspecting the matter first!

However, Indonesia wants an appology and they are willing to wait until later this day 31st August 2007.

Embassy of Malaysia in Jakarta have contacted to the students who are studying in Indonesia to be careful not to go out alone or in groups. Malaysians from all over Indonesia have contacted each other about this. Rusuhan has started in Jakarta, asking all the Malaysians to move out of the country! Fights have broke out in Surabaya among the Malaysians and Indonesians in Surabaya. People here have ask a few of the Indians Malaysia nationality whether they are Malaysians or not…
There were also people barging into hotels in the bigger city in Indonesia checking whether there is any Malaysians staying there, making them pack and leave the country .

This is quite bad… so we got until tomorrow to see what is going to happen. If not we have to get out of here for the moment.