Posted on August 31, 2007


I manage to exercise for the 2nd time this week! It’s so not easy to lose weight! Feels like your cells are dying when i don’t eat… *ok over exxageration*

Ate at this Chinese Restaurant after the long walk… really long walk, walk back after dinner too! That place is Famous for Sapo Tahu Jepang! Ooohh… it was good! Wasn’t starchy because DuoJi asked not to put flour, but they did put a little but anyway! Was talking to the taukeh and the taukeh niau of the restaurant as they were asking us where were we from and what are we doing here, because they heard both of us conversing in English.

Taukeh asked me whether i can speak Mandarin and read too. He gave me a letter to read… i manage to read it but i’m so out of it because i didn’t really understand what it meant! Apparently his son wrote him that letter so that Taukeh can learn how to read to as he can speak and forgotten most of the chinese characters cos he learn up until standard 4 only as the Government banned all to study the language. His son took 4 months to master mandarin in Taiwan!!! So Geng! Amazing isn’t it? After that he straight away get to enter one of the University there to study Principal. (do you know what course is that?)

Taukeh was also telling that if a foreign student there can’t master the language in that 4 months they have to take one year of language classes before being able to enter University. He also told me that compared to Malaysia and Indonesia, Malaysia students are given priority to study there because of the thinking stigma that Malaysians are better than Indonesians. So he was wondering why we came to study here.

Taukeh offered to introduce his son, a 6footer, who is 2 years younger to me. I decline politely.

Taukeh niau sad that their resto sends delivery, although the food is good but it is pricey.  She gave us the menus and ask whether we are interested. Haha both of us were being flattered by her, telling us we look younger than our age! I’m a high school kid and DuoJi looks like a gal who just started University! I think this is part of promoting their restaurant… hehheehe.