Shade of Grey

Posted on September 2, 2007


1. why do some people love to talk behind other’s back?
2. do they have no balls to tell in front of the person’s face because they are afraid of confrontations?
3. or is this their means of act to preserve the ‘friendship’ of what is left by not confronting the person and settle the issue face to face?

Sometimes i wonder why i care so much about the Malaysian community that is here with me. I can be just as selfish as anyone can be, a person who couldn’t be bother with the community happenings and lead my life i want.

The two dearest oldies of mine will definitely tell me not to find so much work to do and don’t be such a busy body. However a change must start somewhere and someone must make the changes if not everything will be stagnant or worse going downhill.

I ask myself, “is it worth it”?
When i look at the people i manage to reach out to, i’ll say “Yes, it is worth it”!
When i look at those i didn’t manage to reach out to, I wonder whether did i do anything wrong… where did i fail?

Pass 2 days is one of the highest friction i’ve felt before…
how will you know the decision you’ve made is the best? They will be people finding flaws in it.
How do you know you’ve done your best?
How will you know the rights will not go wrong?

what is right and wrong when we hold different views?
How come growing up can get so complicating?
where was the once young and simplicity gone?

If we can see the world and people in the shade of Grey, perhaps we can understand one and another better.
If shoes were magical, we can fit in each others shoes perfectly and comprehend them better.
If only you can see that we need each other, even in the smallest matter.
whatever it is, i know that i did what i can to make a difference, at least I’m not all No Action Talk Only.

I'm trying
I’m trying to… ever since meeting these bunch of Juniors !

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