Humor me…

Posted on September 12, 2007


Incident 1

Have you been asked so nicely to hear something offensive? Well this is my first time being ask so nicely to hear one, i couldn’t resist although knowing what will be the cost of it!

I was talking to Chellum and this dude came and interrupt my small talk, knowing him i allowed…
D: Hey M. Can i ask you something offensive?
(he was giving that kiddo i-can’t-wait-to-ask-you-&-hear-your-answer kind of smile)

M: (thinking to myself in a split of second i told “ok”. Humour me man!)

D: Do you have elephantiasis or something?

M: (my mind imagined me looking at myself from above and behind looking at my stout, tubercular fair legs which is further emphasize by the knee length skirt i wore this morning to class. Feeling a mixture of being offended, irritated and humoured) NO, i don’t. I got fat legs la!

D: Oh… (smiling slightly sheepishly, tapping his fingers together awkwardly before leaving)

Sometimes i wonder what is wrong with me… i could save myself from this sort of foresee situations.

Incident 2

Bapa Kost=Father Kost, kost=hostel

I’ve been having no lights at night for 3 nights because my tube light died. Didn’t manage to buy at the store due hectic happenings so i’ve been relying on toilet light and thank god for the table lamp!

I asked FK he can help me change my tube light because i was way to short to reach the ceiling even if the chair or table and he hides his ladder! He the chauvinistic pig with sleazy eyes talked in such a manner that i wish i could cut his balls and feed to the dogs!

He said: Oh ya i heard. Isn’t it nice to be in the dark for so long?
(laughing there with the other helper Mas G)

It doesn’t sound improper in English but should hear it in BI and that intonation!

FK: oh, ya… Enak ya, dalam kegelapan beberapa hari. *ketawa ketawa*

That insinuation in that tone really!!! I felt that was such a Ham Sap reply! They he is but i rarely bother with him till now.

FK: So have you bought the light? It maybe because starter not working… got get starter anot?
(talks as if i don’t know anything!)

M: Yes… yes.. yes… (obviously it’s the tube light! It’s burn!)

He talked to me in that sleazy look and taking me for an idiot or a dumb-blond-who-doesn’t-know-nuts-about-electrical stuff-but only her books!

Please DEI!!! I’m proud that my Father the Engineer taught me all these!