Uni’s Culture Event

Posted on September 13, 2007


i’m in a cooking mood phase… aight! That’s not a good sign, i’m suppose to ‘kiam chiak’ (eat less), but i got all the recipes that i’ve been wanting to do but haven’t yet interrupting my sanity every now and then. At a point you see your lecturer’s slide turn into pictures of delectable food! Aiyorr!!

Tis is the Ramadhan season and it’s not helping me at all to refrain from gluttony.

UniBraw decided to hold a culture fair on the 25th of November 2007 to strengthen ties between the Malaysian Students studying here and the Indonesian Students because of the Rusuhan incident (which by the way was cleared on Merdeka Day itself, after Pak Lah apologist).
The new batch, 2007 were really afraid of the whole incident because it’s their first time here and the Malaysian seniors (guilty as charge, me) here did not do a good job at all in reassuring them about their safety. On Merdeka eve itself there were some people coming up to my little Tangachi(s) and Tambhi(s) asking them if they were Malaysian? It was quite a hostile manner. Thank god these juniors of mine are quick thinking enough to deny and claim they were from India. Phew~ That day too there were news from Jakarta and Surabaya that there were people from barging into hotels to inspect whether they were any Malaysian staying there. Malaysian were being sought after and told to be send back! There was also this incident in Surabaya that two Malaysians were being whack up! 

 Now do we Malaysians get an apology too?

Sad to say that even our only and very own Malaysia society here in Malang could not give a thorough outline on what safety measures would be done in matters like this. I personally myself and so many of the other seniors here have taken situation like this for granted. We know that Malang is a fairly safe place from ‘rusuhan’ and demos but we forgot of “if”- and the safety precautions. 

Thankfully this thought was provoke by one of the newbies, it should be taken into consideration. Now, the next question… how to find a way to solve this matter. 

Back to the Culture Fair… So we Malaysians consisting of the 3 main races are asked to do some local performances on Malaysia, decorate the booth display and open food booth to show our local delicacies =) i like the idea of it but i’m being quite uncommitted partake in the performing arts since i’ve being flashing big time during
OMG… So Surreal Dekan Cup 07

Ah… we must wear our traditional clothes! Sigh now i have to lose more weight to fit in that tiny CheongSam that i wore for my act then. I hope i won’t see my tummy bulging out in that dress i pictures!