Best Feeling

Posted on September 26, 2007


Best feeling in the world for me is to help people… even in small ways. There’s a satisfaction happiness that none can take from you! Feel good moment i’m about to burst with =) Every breath seems more meaningful in life.

I don’t mean my life all this while has no purpose, it has more meaning to it. I forgotten to that a long time since somewhere in secondary school. Now i’m back to the right path.

Happiness in fun is very temporarily, happiness in materialism is short but happiness in reaching out to others is like- indescribable!

Don’t know la… the tree is (pokoknya) i feel rather smug about myself now =D

Well i giving a thought… i feel that sometimes i’m kinder or treat friends or strangers better than i treat my own family. I suppose i expect more from family in a good way, as in having higher hopes for them, where else friends or strangers i don’t expect anything from them. Therefore in family i have higher expectation of them.

It kind of sound wrong, i should treat blood relation better without having too much expectation of them but because they are family do wish the best for them. Hence this harshness.

Get me?

oh well, i’ve a hypothesis from studying physiology an observation of custom and daily life.

“Fat is the most  potent duodenal stimulus for inhibiting gastric motility, so consumption of fatty rich foods before or during alcohol consumption slows down gastric motility emptying and prevents the alcohol from producing the effect so rapidly”. 

Now you know why the French take cheese and wine =) Not only the wine brings the best flavour out from the Blue Cheese it does’t intoxicate them too soon. Have you have notice beer drinkers in chinese restaurant will order savoury fried food such as fried dried small prawns in chilly, and some other dishes that you don’t usually order with rice. Some people take peanuts and fried chilly peanuts with beer. Like the cheese not only does it brings out the after taste of beer, it mares the bitterness of the drink and prevent the alcohol effect from happening to fast.

Maybe that is why this people can drink so much and hence the ‘Beer Belly’!