Pasar Pagi Ijen

Posted on October 3, 2007


I’ve been going to morning markets after my brisk walking SL. The market was initially at the stadium but shifted to Jalan Ijen Besar big round about because there is construction going on there. Not safe for anyone who wants to continue staying alive.

Money for SALE
So imagine waking up to see a pile of money greeting you early in the morning.. =) HEAVEN like la!

These are foreign and local currencies of old and new note money,ranging from WW2 onwards to the latest note around. The notes are sold for RP2500 a piece. They even laminated the notes! I feel like collecting this money bills, but i’ll be so broke after that.
looks real doesn’t it those chics? Well there were live ones all doll up in colourful colours!

The toys selling there are quite cute and the cat actually have the characteristic of an actual cat! They have a variety of soft toys sold from big to small, but the material isn’t all nice.

dwarf or small bunnies! There are call Kelinci in BI and they are good for sate here! (haven’t try it yet though…) Those are such cuties and that’s not me in the pic but my yrs older look alike.

There was hamsters on sale too, however too common for the likes of me to take picture. Surprisingly they do sell pure breed dogs in the morning market!

pot plants
Beautiful isn’t it the plants? The red plant is my favourite to look at… the young leaves are actually RED but it turns green as it grows bigger and older.

Staying in a hostel doesn’t permit you to have your own pets or plants (unless you count cactus plants) because you got no place to keep them. There are no green land for me around my hostel =( no wonder i get stress here so easily! LAck of Greens HERE!!


bags 2
You can get cheap bags here that are the look-alike of some branded bags of the latest fashion. Material is really thin for satchel bags. Price can go as low as RP15 k for a small handbag to RP20k for a big one.

One must know how to bargain here, that is where i fail! For i don’t look so much like them and i don’t sound as convincing as a local. I’ve been mistaken for a Korean because the seller assume Hock Kien sounds like Korean language. Well, nowadays i too don’t tell people i’m a Malaysian. Fear of being eye menacingly by others with malicious thoughts. The other reason is also because chinese are not very popular here. You don’t see many chinese going to the sort of markets, i was told it’s not their standard. They wouldn’t be caught dead walking to these places. Talk about being haughty or keeping to themselves.

shoes shoes shoes!! Paper thin shoes!
I would have gone shoe mad if i wasn’t a particular person when it comes down to quality.

Still like the two new shoes i have though it’s not feminine looking at all. Can’t use those pretty things because i will wear them out very fast, i do lots of walking here than back home. Yet i envy to have one of those! Since it is going to be Raya soon, lots of shoe shop at MATOS are having sales! 50% off!! I so want but shoudn’t. There were original bags promo: Buy one free one!! WAHH!!!

market fahion
well i don’t like it. This was 3 weeks ago fashion! I don’t like most of the fashion here >.< Distasteful. Too girly, puffy and i-don’t-know how to put it in words!

Indonesia’s fashion sense don’t get easily influence much by the outside trends. They mass product most of their clothing and follow their own fashion taste.


traditional motive skirts

their traditional kebaya skirt are pretty! Can beat Malaysia la! They have very detail bead work following the motive of the skirt.

traditional motive skirts2
i like the bead work! Motives here have more variety and very much affordable compared to Malaysia’s! One kebaya skirt cost RP75k.

A minimum price for getting a set of Kebaya is RP70k, well the most expensive are very!

accessories 2
i like these type of wooden or ethnic sort of stuff! They use shells to make very nice ornaments for mirrors, shell-wind-chime and miscellaneous items! One got to admire their creative craftsmanship.

Sand items
This are mostly glass bottles recycled, some wood and etc cheap materials covered in detail sand art done by them on spot for you if you want. see the self make clock there? =)

kids delight
Cotton Candy

Evey’s kids delight! Not mine.. i’m just fascinated with the machine.

They are also cheap and nice food stalls selling food such as: Nasi Pecel, Nasi Rames, Soto, Nasi Campur, Nasi Jagung, Roti Maryam, and Freshly squeezed orange juice b demand! There are many people now selling Raya cookies which have tempted me twice to buy!

It’s so convenient and fun to have a morning market nearby that i’ll be missing it once it resume business at their original site.

FINALLY~ i’ve posted some picturers that i’ve been keeping so long. Internet connection have been really slow ever since more people use the wireless. irritating.