Burma- Military Junta

Posted on October 5, 2007


The news on this have been on a week now… sad to say not many people here knows (except for Buddhist followers). I admit that if it weren’t for the sms-ses i’ve gotten i would be quite in the dark how serious the issue could be. The online news website thestar.com.my tells me nothing much about the whole thing until i read on other webs.

Military Junta (according to wiki) is a form of military dictatorship, a form of government wherein political residues resides with the military.

It’s been a long time since 1988, that Burma had any demonstration. However the largest peaceful demonstrations in Burma in 10 years was responded by the regime with brutal force! It all started on August 15th, the regime hiked up fuel prices, up to (an astounding) quintupling the price of natural gas; though the regime earns billions from export of oil and natural gases!
On the 19th of August, peaceful protest began in the capital Rangoon and since then have spread. Many people have been stepping up and calling for an end in this injustice even though 150 democracy activist have already been arrested and many are calling for recognition of basic human rights and democracy. One day after another people continue to march down the streets in all over Burma, making their simple and peaceful demands known. But then on the September 5th, troops sent in for the first time and fire warning shots at monks!
At the end of September much had happened…

According to DVB, 700 monks and civilians were arrested and brutally attack by the military on at least 3 monastery in Rangoon. Soldiers crashing through the gates with trucks when the monks refuse the demands of the soldiers to open the gate. Bamboo sticks were use to beat up everyone there. Some of the soldiers themselves were beaten by their own two-star General when they were reluctant to harm the monks. Everything that was donated to the monastery were taken.- Democratic Voice of Burma
Government troops that raided the Ngway Kar Yan monastery at midnight and after that the damage mess left behind was clean up by officials from the Ministry of Religious Affair. According to one of the locals staying near there, the monastery was even renovate and looks like a new one. –Democratic Voice of Burma

A photojournalist from Japan was reported killed in a gunfire.

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