Who stole MY song- RASA SAYANG??

Posted on October 9, 2007


Guess what??!!

Guess WHat??!!

This morning i heard the Djs Kalimaya Baskara making big HooHaaas on who owns the song Rasa Sayang! Ahyoyo… i thought! This people really, seriously got nothing to do but find this as something to get heat up about.

Now they are calling Malaysians unoriginal, a Pirate, a ‘proud’ country that is lacking in culture that have to steal from Indonesia and et cetera stuff that isn’t nice.

Some of the listener called in and said that it’s their own government’s stupidity that they do not take much importance of their culture and traditions that they didn’t register their originality rights, that Malaysia took it.
I agree. They should have claim their rights on the song if they really felt so much of proud of the song and other songs. Why start getting ‘kan cheong’ and angry when others are taking a claim of something you didn’t want to bother in the first place?

Some listener said that because Indonesians are too creative that Malaysians, a country who is rather prosperous compared to them is so lacking in deep-rooted culture that Malaysian have to steal from them.
I agree that Indonesian people are very creative! In songs, movie plots, craft, batik and small small stuff. For instance: 2days ago i saw this month using a simple made tool and twisted a thin wire in to spring like form and twist it again to shaped it to something he desire to make, like a flower petal, he then took a thread and start going around it, forming a nice looking white-flower petal! Cool! Cheap and nice!

Coba telusuri lebih dalam lagi
Dihantar oleh Zain Abdullah Badawi, on 04-10-2007 15:58
Apa sih kelebihan malaysia seutuhnya…..
Apa kehebatan malaysia seutuhnya……
kalau kita tengok lagi sejarah malaysia…. siapa yang menuju dan membawa malaysia merdeka sampai sekarang ini??????????orang INDONESIA yang ambil besar dalam kemerdekaan malaysia…..Anda bisa berkata seperti itu….
coba anda lihat sendiri negara yang dikatakan berbudaya
tetapi tidak mencerminkan kalam dan perbuatan anda sebagai orang yang berbudaya…..

Cara berpolitik anda sangat kaku dan kolot ibarat orang tua renta yang memakai tongkat tak jelas arah tujuan…..

Negara anda malaysia baru berumur muda…..

budaya melayu itu timbul dari KERAJAAN NUSANTARA yang berada di INDONESIA jadi janganlah melebih lebihkan perkataan anda di dalam hal ini karena apa…???????????????

rakyat malaysia dulunya belajar ke INDONESIA sehingga pemimpin anda pintar….

itu berakar dari mana…………..

jadi coba jangan suka mencuri….. maling……..mengambil hak orang…..

banyak sekali…..

hutan indonesia habis ……. darimana?
sapa yang mengambilinnya….????????

negara anda …..

yang tak pernah puas akan segala yang ada di INDONESIA semua diambil…….

katanya berbudaya tapi tak mencerminkan berbudaya…..

tak tahu terima kasih…………………


See la such things… tsk tsk!

Indonesia claims that Rasa Sayang is a state folklore song from Pulau Maluku, Malaysia said it is a malayan song; among the state of Indonesia of Manado and Ambon, Pulau Maluku are also fighting a right over the song!

Makes you wonder how petty people can be over small small stuff and make it into a big issue! What happens to big big issue? Will it become a gigantic problem? Probably Indonesia and Malaysia will fight over food that looks, taste or named similar!

what lies within

i think we all need an official ‘make-up song’ and register to the international law.
It should be the ‘I LOVE YOU’ song adapted from Barney.

I love you,
You love me,
We are serumpun family!
With a great big hug
and a smooch from me to you

Won’t you say you love me too!

OPPS!! Is the director or production of Barney going to come after us now??!