too much

Posted on October 12, 2007


Rant of the Weeks 

too much of something is not good!

too much
too much
too much

i need to get out of this mode!

Sigh~ feeling restless, unaccomplished, and a need to do something that i will see results produce in front of my sepet eyes rather than sitting on my sore ass.


i think i need a life!! Badly!

Everyone is busy with something, i need to get busy with my work too.

I hope they are doing ok moving, cos in like a week time everyone is moving location. Too bad i’m not there to partake in it… oh well!

Can someone remind me why am i here again?

Need to tap in that lil brain to keep inline. lalallallaa

I’m going mad…. somebody call the ambulants! I got too many thoughts in my head all because of the nonsensical Sanguine in me!!

Stupid internet!! Taking ages!! i’ll be growing mushrooms by now! Stupid stupid!! Why are broadband so expensive here??!! Arrgh!!

Arrgh!! i need to complain so please ignore me!! I don’t complain very often so allow me to do my bit of ARRRGHHH!!!!!!!!!!