10 Effective Stressbusters

Posted on October 13, 2007


10 Effective Stressbusters!

There’s no reason to be overwhelmed by anxiety. Bounce back with some simple strategies for making it through those tough times.  <yeah right… no need to get overwhelmed by anxiety??! bounce back with some simple strategies? You gotta be kiddin me!>
1. Be clear on what you want, and stay committed when going for it. Don’t get sideswiped by all the little things that come up. Prioritize what must be done — then do them one at a time. Set boundaries and say NO to those things that are not truly important to you right now.
< NO NO NO!!! i shouldn’t be bloggin silly stuff but i have a dire to crap to my heart satiety. That must be is given priority! Stewpid gal!>

2. Ask for help! You don’t need to do it alone! Sometimes you may need more support than a friend can provide. There are professionals out there, as well as lots of self-help resources. You don’t need to be a Lone Ranger — even he had Tonto!
<HELP! Help! help?? Anyone there? help?…>
3. Deal with what is within your control. If it’s outside your control, don’t worry about it. Look at what is within your control and decide what you can do to affect positive change. Be realistic in what you can do; rather than picking 10 things to work on, pick one or two. Give yourself small steps to take to affect change, and celebrate the changes you make!
<i want 3 pointer… but it’s so out of reach la… Usaaa Usaaa… i’m giving up! Of course not!! I don’t want to diet so San Fu!! Can someone tell me fat is BEAU-TI-FUL??>

4. Take care of you! A bubble bath, a 10-minute walk on your coffee break, a massage. You are your greatest asset. Ensure you are taking care of yourself. Exercise, eat right, hydrate and get your sleep! How we treat our body, mind and spirit affects our emotions, behaviors, actions and results. Take good care of you.
<i’ve done all those!! But not helping la!!! I need a tele in my life! Dear body, i’ve done all those above mention, i even allow you to sleep so much in the day, now do what is must do, concentrate and study old BRAIN! The results ain’t the same, i need 2nd opinion!>

5. Keep a journal. Write whatever you choose and however you want. Just write! Write whatever is on your mind, what your successes are for the day, and finish off by writing at least 5 things that you are grateful for that day.
<like DUH!! that’s exactly what i’m doing!! Liar! The only thing i can be grateful now is that i’m alive, kicking and whining!> 

6. Breathe! When we are stressed, our breath is shallow and we don’t get enough oxygen. So take a breath break whenever you think of it, and take some deep belly breaths. Concentrate on your breathing. Better yet, take a mini-vacation — visualize you’re on the beach in Maui, or somewhere else that calms you while you’re on your breath break!
<i’m brreeathing.. brreathing… nose is block! Holiday faster come come la!>

7. Relax! Find a relaxation technique and use it! Listen to some great music or a relaxation or meditation CD. Meditate. Go for a walk. It may seem strange at first, but keep at it!
<i walk, sing, drool, sleep, listen to great music that doesn’t sound great anymore after countless times. I do not meditate cos i can fall asleep in it. See i relax too easily…>

8. Let go of expectations! It’s when our expectations and reality don’t match that we get into that really stressed state!
<i can’t let go of that! cos i’ve none?>

9. Act rather than react! Start recognizing your thoughts. When you start to get upset, stop! Breathe! Ask yourself if you want to go down that road? Will it get you the desired result you want? If not, change directions.
<i’m overreacting… that i can’t deny, i can’t breathe properly either…>
10. Be compassionate with yourself — treat yourself as your own best friend! Don’t get down on yourself for what you aren’t doing, acknowledge yourself for what you are doing and celebrate your successes.
<oh puhlease… like that i won’t be in reality la! btw… there’s no such things as best friends, pixie yes and peter pan yes!>