Selamat Hari Raya

Posted on October 14, 2007


Tis the season to be forgiving and start anew! But never forget of course!

Dinner at Matos Food court for tonight. The mall was filled with people, and here there we are thinking where all this people come from? Who couldn’t they disappear for 4days and leave this small town a ghost town? My hostel is now a quiet one, the floor downstairs are empty but there’s like6 occupants upstairs and a few outside the building.

I had the most interesting meal, behold

The Pot of GOLD from IChi Bento! Chicken Ramen
Chicken Ramen

Humongous portion for the hungry ones…

Fake pit of gold
Look the silly bucket is like 2inches deep! RP17k
All of us had our eyes poppin’ out from our sockets when we saw the waitress bringing the food over! You should have seen la the eyes of Chinese Uncle buldging out beside out table. He was even craning is poor neck and getting up from his seat when i lift up the silver container to check out the dept of that ridiculous bucket! Aiyorr… make all of us paiseh only! Especially ms.giggle and me!

Uncle was pretty irritating la but it’s a common chinese attitude when they see interesting food. However i just don’t understand how people can go to a food court for a normal fried rice! I was thinking they my as well eat out on the road stalls and have bigger portion and pay less too!

Halfway through the end of dinner time poor IronChef (was too ganas!) had her slipper torn! Imagine that at the food court table! *rolls eyes* =p She wanted to borrow my pink sweaty sandals to go shop for a new one because she refuse to go hipitty-hop like a bunny to buy. Nice me went to the toilet and wash my feet and what i get for doing that? A whiff of someone’s after ‘eau d’ toillette’ poop! Arrgh!!!!!

When i told them about it, they both laugh non-stop for the full good 10mins!! I tell you that was so annoying! Too annoyed to even layan ms.giggles as she was giggling the whole time when IronChef was away for 20mins just to shop for sandals! Thank God she got some decent ones to last longer than a mere few months!!

Had some yummy long lost primary drink, fav of mine =)
Yam Pearl Tea
Yam Pearly Tea from Quickly

They have it at Summit but close down a year after i left to study abroad. Some pricy drink it was- RP15K! Thought i needed it since i had a whiff of something unpleasant.

Sadly all the food prices are being charge with 10% tax now… =( I’m only a student. 3postulation: Matos is now 2years old so it is time for some taxing; They have some new dinning chairs and tables with some checkers table cloth, therefore the tax are partly those; and lastly it’s RAYA they are hiking the prices up! I prefer the first one.

Went to Hypermarket after that, bought lots of stuff to stock up for the one last study week before the maddening exams starts. I can’t believe i’m eating healthy! I feel like a cow, ok rabbit is better!

Saw some really eye pleasing wood furnitures display outside Hypermarket!
Majestic HOrse
Majestic Horse

The wood partition wall like at the far end of the picture is nice too!

Rocking Horse
Rocking Horse

IronChef love to have this in her room so that she can rock herself away from stress!

detailed carvings

The carving are really very detailed! Anyone is interested in buying? I shall help be the middle sales person, that is if you’re interested! They have nice bed post, dining tables, cupboard and other magnificent wood carvings for those who likes to furnish their house with expensive wood work.

I fell in love with piece instantly from behind!

wood partition
Wood Partition- such intricate piece of work!

I don’t know what do you call it but i know its use for house decoration =)

Dad has been looking for this during the hols when i was around. I think he will like this too!

I have this fancy thought of helping my parents buy some nice wood work furnitures from here and shipped it back home. I’ll be so please with myself because now they are picking furnitures for the new place… and i’m not there to help spend some fortunes =p Oh well these are some stuff i saw and picked k… cannot but can keep as photos!

On the darker note…

I so loath uncivilized and barbaric attitudes of people! I wonder if they are even educated at times!

You walk faster than them, they jeer at you…
You converse in english or give and a sigh of exasperation they mock…
You mind your own business, hands full of groceries walking at night back to your own place also you get shouted from a bunch of hooligans that drive their car close up to you so they can shout “KITA MERDEKA DULU” like countless times with bewilder eyes starring accusingly at you just because you’re not one of them! EEJIT people i tell you !! EEJIT!! THE whole bunch of them!!

I felt really helpless with so many things in my hands and i’m so unwilling to throw the groceries away and run if i get into any trouble! AHBISTU!! I really want to put some good readable colourful words here!!! I shan’t because for some of you! I’m pissed for feeling helpless… i’m pissed that times like this martial arts won’t help! I’m pissed for feeling like that!! PISSED!!!!


Some just don’t get it!!! ARRGHH!!!

I need to pick up running!

EEJIT people should end up like this: