Posted on October 19, 2007


A person can’t go mad for not having what they want, can they?

conversation with the mind
or can they ?

Yeah, it’s one of those nocturnal-post-exam syndrome where you have all sorts of conversations in your head with yourself that it starts to make you go crazy. So here am i penning out a little so i can stay sane for the next few weeks until the exams are over.
All of us definitely have something we all want but can’t have it because of many reasons, one of mine is the time is not right yet… conditions are not fulfill. Settling for second best is a big NO. Good things are worth to wait. If you want something, my as well have the best of it!
Then somewhere in the corner of your brain starts nagging… “what if… what if you don’t seize this one you will get the worse choice later… or worse still none!”

Another devil pops out, “You’re better off without it!”

So which one do you listen to? Too many thoughts spoils the decision making. Now if my life wasn’t program with so many instable wants, i probably wouldn’t have to type this out to release tension, would i?

Life is so unproductive… for the time being i hope. Sometimes want to just sit back and watch behind the screens but at other times i want to tear the screens apart and be in it. Or do it my way… It’s hard when life cannot go your way yet you’re a hard person to deal with because it’s either your way or the high way!

my way- hard way
definitely my way