Self introduction

Posted on October 19, 2007


When you meet someone random, a stranger that you don’t know of… not even by name, workplace or heard of th person how do you introduce yourself?

How do you talk about yourself?
How do you even cover up the awkwardness of the first time striking a conversation?

I’m talking about having a conversation with someone you don’t know of at all, not the least! In situation where the mundane questions goes like :
what’s your name?
what’s your age/sex/location (a/s/l)?
how are you?

So how will you reply to this?
“May i get to know you?”

“Who are you?”

The conversation can be a random or of some hot discussion of the day or even a ridiculous, battering talk that leads to nothing of significants at the end of the day (only a moment of happy ridiculous feeling).

So what do you talk?
When you don’t even know the person’s background, history or a brief personality.
I’ve tried talking to random strangers but it is no fun after the whole mumbo-jumbo gibberish- nothing significant. I can crap with people if i have the mood to do so, other than that my trap feels heavy as if it is full with gold!

By the way… who (wth) actually talks about themselves or their problems when conversing with a stranger online? I mean i would if i wanted to take things of mind but most certainly won’t like to portray as a problematic individual or silly person who’s so full of myself.

Chimp questioning

Who am i?
How do you want me to define me? Who am i- is what you see not always what you get. Why ask me this question? I feel like that character Jacky Chan’s movie- WHO AM I. Only i have no lost of memory, just the lack of words, vocabs to justify who am i.

I don’t even like the idea of talking about myself… i like to hear you/them/they talk about yourself/themselves. So don’t find it weird or get upset when you get replies of the unusual from me.

Therefore i don’t really like to talk to RANDOM STRANGERS that i don’t know at all… i will talk to you if i know your reputation or heard of you. Other than that, i’m not tempted.

Yet to answer to this question impose on me, “who are you?”

Who am i?

I am nothing great, little or mundane for i can be all depending on situations and moods. I am like you. I’m a young human of flesh and blood, a teenager turning to a young adult soon, who is trying to find myself in every little aspect, to find the aspects of life that i will keep to. I am my parents daughter. I am my siblings sister. I am my dear friends loyal friend. I am a student. I am a kid in a 2 decades old body. I am nothing small or big, I am nothing insignificant to what that matters to me or people that matters to me. ” Who are you?”, you asked me… 3 words sum it all, I am Me.

i need to lie down
i think i need to lie down and figure out wholly on who am i too, on a personal level.