Posted on October 22, 2007


The earth has tilted… because the sun rises half and hour earlier than before ever since the past few days ago. So now the sun rises at a few minutes before 5 a.m.

What do you like about mornings?

It’s has been a rare treat for me (ever since i finish high school) to immerse myself in deep thoughts while enjoying the sound, smell and sight of mornings.

Fresh air, birds chirping, sound of vehicles moving, the sound of life awakening…

During schooling time (the oh so early time) i had to wake up pretty much before my whole family just to wait for the bas sekolah to come and pick me up. During those waiting moments, i will indulge myself in morning thoughts. Watching the sky turn bright was one of my favourite watch. Paper senders that come in motorbikes and throws your subscribe newspaper into your lawn or porch. Everyday morning routine had me trained my ears to be very keen of my bas sekolah engine sound. Not long after the ride in the bus, the traffic jam of the town starts… the amount of vehicles in rows makes it look like there’s a long dragon formation.

This morning is just the same thing, only that there are lots of ‘kap zai’, motorbike sound than car.

Hate mondays
don’t you feel the same way?

I don’t like Mondays because it’s the starting of lectures and ending of relaxation. However i do like this semester Mondays because classes starts later than usual timetable.

Sadly today’s Monday is not a fine one… my exams starts today. Arrgh! Parasitology paper. I shouldn’t be here i know but i had enough of Helminthes (worms) for the long moment.

On a brighter note, blog stat for yesterday was amazingly high! This is my once in a blue mood high counter stat. Funnily, i don’t remember having so many readers as i only told like as many people as the number of my fingers on my hands. Apparently, these people who stumbled on my blog today were searching for info such as

cute peace out 2
trachii 1
kavitha aunty pic 1

all that random posting search… sigh~