Fun Weekend

Posted on November 11, 2007


Last week, was one festive week! With Deepavali celebration going on and many splendid birthdays to celebrate =), not forgetting post exam celebration!

Eating was the highlight of the week! Many were showing off they culinary skills! As Gasteux said:” everyone can cook”!

It’s nice giving small surprises to ppl, to cheer them up! My dearest Indian batchmates of mine couldn’t celebrate Diwali with their family. The air of sadness hanging around for nearly a week that it kind of sadden the rest of us as well. Thankfully Coffeemate was there to hype them up with some sweetness abit! Had dinner at Warung Subuh, that serves really kick-ass tearing spicy dishes, that leaves you wanting to torture yourself more! Hehehe… The Aka(s) and Tangachi was presented with cake and a modify sweet card. Love the looks on their faces! Both of us hope it is worthwell =]

A nice evening outing was held at Und Corner Friday where they had some nice live cafe music going on, belting out favourite hits from pop, jazz, international and local songs. A game of truth and dare was played for a lil kick.

Saturday came bustling with so many parties to attend to! Some of the boys from my batch were having a BBQ party, and only likable people are invited ;p The hostel girls wanted to have a BBQ party too, to celebrate the Light of Festival together. That’s when both batchmates were competing who’s chicken is marinated best! Hehehe! Unfortunately, both were equally good! Can’t compare at all! I’ve never eaten so many pieces of chicken for a long time!! WAH!! THe ZITS ARE SPROUTING LIKE TAUGEH!!!

Anyway, there’s a Charity Night organise by the Hindu Club from the Malaysian society! It’s a big event and there’s going to be many important an big shot people attending! FuhhYOUU!!! So i’m still comtemplating of going a not! I know it’s going to be a blast: at the dinner and my pocket! I’m being kiam siap a lil. Well since i’m going without a date and so is darling Phelggie, we decided to go together as patners (ok, it was a like joke about having to go with patners). She got me thinking… I want to go as a GUY!!!!

I can pull it off well! I really can! I’m androgynous looking! I want to wear Dothi and dress handsomely!! I mean i’ll do it for the kick of seeing ppl’s reaction and have a lil bit of fun! teehehhee! I wasn’t supported by her or anyone at all =( They ask me to go as a girl… sigh… the mafan-ness! I have to wear feminine wear, put on a pair of heel, and looking all doll up! So cliche! Wearing the opposite wear is so appealing right now. Many thing i’m nuts… go ahead. I don’t want to join in the fight of many fair beauty maidens when i think i can win the brawl with the many unfortunate beast!

I want to play the Beast! Agree with me?


you know i’m better looking than most guys…