Heat Wave

Posted on November 13, 2007


Yesterday was suppose to be an easy going trip to Surabaya, we had some work at the immigration office there. The whole gang decided on taking bus there, as it was cheaper, RP30k for the two ways.

Heading there by bus was find! They playes MTV Indonesia for us, i’m grateful for that! Better that Dangdut any time! Getting off the bus to take Angkut is rather scary and irritating! Angkut takers will round you up like some sheep and hunt you to their corners of their vehicle! Baa… Baaa…Baaa

Coming back from Surabaya was awfully dreadfully! Two times worser than the time Princess Didiot, Thai Chic and I went to Yjogjakarta from Bandung by train. That was because we took Al-Cheapo Business class train tickets and thankfully again, we didn’t choose Economy, because i wouldn’t dare imagine how horribly uncomfortable it is like!

Why was the trip back awful from Surabaya? Well, we got fool by the same priced-bus, it looks nice from the outside but it has no FREAGGIN Air-conditioner in the inside! Seats were dumpy too! Things got worse when there was a long massive jam on the road! Every vehicle was moving from bumper to bumper, hot wave flowing through the little window at the top of the bus. The tin vehicle was getting warmer as it was noon, we pretty much felt like we were being microwaved! I felt as if my skin was melting off because i felt as if a layer of evaporating-not-fast enough-sweat is plaster all over my face, choking my every pore from being able to breath! *gasp*

With the on-going of bus peddlers and busker with unbearable singing were ever more speeding up my death in the tin can! Usually i’m able to endure it, if it wasn’t for the heat!