Back with a Blogging Vengence

Posted on November 27, 2007


….. NOT!

I’m not blogging as often as usual, it’s more often during the exam period because being coop up in the room can drive me nuts that i have to articulate my thoughts into type sentences.

So yesterday was the Festival Kebudayaan! Yipppie! MALAYSIAN won 1st for the booth and 3rd placing for the performances! Yippee!! I think the performance won is due to the Bollywood and Kollywood Craze! It’s an epidemic =p

I was most certainly quite surprise that we won best booth! According to my Indonesian batchmate, it was because of the constructed tin can Twin Towers! I was like huh?! I didn’t it because the coloured could have been synchronise. It looks rather messy! However, the concept of our booth attraction is certainly more interesting compared to the rest. If it was in Malaysia… the concept is definitely too old… use too often! We had this guessing game on “how many tin cans are use to build the Twin Towers”? Keychains from MYDIN, PostCards, and car stickers were sold at a very high price! Surprisingly people actually bought it! A typical kiam-siap Malaysian won’t buy it even if they like it but for a person with lots of $$ to throw away you can see the shopping spree in motion!

Personally i though the Bali stand was beautiful with all they big and small trinkets of display. Sigh! Their performance is like NO.1 follow up by Jakarta.

The Chinese Dance turn out okay. Not wow with a dramatic effect but mediocre. There are so many fingers to pint point out what causes the outcome but i’m please at the fact at least it did do some dancers good commitment and communication. Only a little bit… but who’s counting?

A senior of mine bake cakes to sell! I was like OMG! How did she manage to make so many of them and they all nearly like those sold at bakeries! I want to LEARN!!! I’ve a feeling i won’t get the answers. It was some awesome rich-filling&feeling choc cake, blueberry cheese cake, which both are calories suicidal yummy thangs! Well my interest on photoing foods is no more there, hence no pics… apologies!

Sometimes i wonder how people can  cook so much to cater to like a big party, maybe kenduri like. Perhaps it is a Malay culture that every Malays will learn and cook for a big group of party when it comes to Raya or some event! Mee Bandung was so delicious and is such a tedious job to cook it. The broth is made of grind peanuts, boil smoothly with chicken meat and bones, tahu with some lemon grass plus some vege that looks like daun kesom to me, garnish with a full boiled egg, onion leaves, and spaghetti. DELECTABLE!

Nasi Lemak was serve and it was bought up by Malaysians! Only a few were bought by out Indonesian friends. I tell you… it’s always like this… when there are such function to have a food stand, it will be the Malaysians who are the buyers, rarely a chance is given to other people.