Idiot Box

Posted on December 5, 2007


The absence of the idiot box in my life for two years is badly miss by me but only once in a blue moon, and with one older companion leaving soon my daily perks of entertainment is sorely going down the drain. Kost mates are all busy with their stuff and somehow they manage to stay in their room all day long (god knows doing what) and not get bored, but i do! I wonder how they do it? So to refrain myself for being annoying and a pest getting an idiot box in my life will hopefully keep me entertain.

Someway or another i’m a little afraid that i get distracted with the idiot box… hmm? So let’s pray the idiot box will not only highly keep me entertain but also teach me a few thing or two. Like getting a better hang of the language and a few tricks.

If the internet was super fast like the connection in Russia i will be so happy! I could perhaps play games and download even more stuff. With 54.0Mbps i would turn like this….