Pet Peeve(s) 1

Posted on December 7, 2007


What behavior or action and things people say irritates you?

i have a few but those that are the most frequent pet peeves i see daily are like (in no particular order):

1) Nicely dress people in public: having exams, classes,
restaurants…etc tend to take off their shoes or heels and
start playing with their shoes using their feet! Some of them
actually will reach out to massage their bare feet in public!
Some even start using one foot to scratch the other! OH GOD
FORBID such sight!

2) It’s a pain in the ear when some people make grammatical
mistakes which is to obvious to be pardon! God Bless the

3) Do you realize some seated people are always shaking their
legs in all sort of ways? It’s darn irritating! Looks like they are having leg seizures! This epileptic attack gets even worse when it starts to vibrates the chairs or tables that you’re using!

4) Fickle minded people who can’t to be affirmative on their own
decisions. Makes you wonder why they have reasoning skills for

5) People who tries to cock and bull but it doesn’t sum up after all
the effort.

6) Those who drives a vehicle do not use the signal light! A very
much pet peeve for pedestrians! I value my life!